6 Steps to Dominating the Court

Many basketball players are looking for ways to really stand out on the court and show how good they are while other need ways to really get to the next level with their ability. I have put together some basketball tips to help you get ahead of your rivals.

1. Be focused. The top athletes have a laser-sharp focus which gives them a strong desire to win. You should aim to develop your focus so you can visualize the outcome of a move before you have started it. Keeping good concentrating means you will be in the zone more often and working to your best abilities.

2. Be a team player. It is not a one-man game so always think about your team-mates. As much as we all enjoy some personal glory, the main goal is to win as a team so always aim to build each other up and help others with your knowledge.

3. Be decisive. Do not sit back and wait for things to happen. In most cases nothing will happen when you do this so always be willing to take action. When you have decided on an action you must commit to it or it will not come off.

4. Study the best. Take note of the top NBA players and what they do. Think about tactics and movement. Watch how the top players control the ball and take shots. This will then translate into your own game.

5. Practice hard. You should really dedicate yourself to working hard even in practice sessions. This will lead to improvements in your game that will show in the big moments. Work at something until you have it down perfectly.

6. Listen to your coach or mentor. Pay attention to what those around you say if they have been there before. If you have a mentor that has worked hard they will have a lot of good advice to impart so pay attention to them.